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9 Mar 2015

Why a small business really needs a website

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Why a small business really meeds a website?

“Does your small business really need a website?” I read this article from the Globe and Mail a little while ago. Read the full article here: Does your small business really need a website?
Good question. I know some business owners, who have no website for their company nor are they planning to have one soon. Forget about social media presence; these are people that maintain a constant flow of work through word of mouth. Ironically social media can be an enhanced version of word of mouth.

The number of small business without a website in North America is staggering, 40%. That’s right almost half. Who would have thought that in 2015 with all this tech and connectivity in the palm of our hands there would so many businesses still feeling alienated by the internet? So many companies we deal with regularly do fine and have enough work to keep them going without a website.

The article mentions that cost, complexity and effort are the major impediments for most businesses. These were valid reasons a few years ago, but today you can have a website for next to nothing. If you really look into it, you can get away with just the cost of the domain (website address). There are many places now that let you host your site for free, mind you that you get what you pay for. For a professional look, you will need to invest some money either on templates or the services of a designer.
Keep the content for the website simple and to the point. Just have the information your visitors are expecting from you.

Free websites:
wix -
tumblr -
Google Sites -
Weebly -
WordPress -

I agree with the article conclusion; every business should have a website that displays well on both computers and phones. The same goes for social media; it only takes time to do, and you can make it part of marketing efforts. As with the website keep it simple, focus on one or two social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), keep it focused on what you or your team (if lucky to have one) can handle without being a burden.

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