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26 May 2014

Building your Digital Audience - survey report Infographic

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Social Media Marketing, this is what I’ve been doing for the last six years. First for Your Web Department (former partner) and now for my clients (mostly small businesses). In all that time I’ve learned that there isn’t just one thing in digital marketing that is going to give you an unlimited amount of leads. It is a combined effort of using the communication channels available plus the coordinated work of your marketing team (even if there is only one of you.)

The data in the infographic shows that email marketing has the best ROI, and Facebook and Twitter are great for brand awareness, website traffic, and email list building. As I have always mentioned, the fact that your email subscriber opts in gives email marketing a significant advantage (my post on Email Marketing.)

This email list building strategy is ideal for any small business with budget restrictions. Play the long game of building your email list, and reward your subscribers with useful periodical content or the kind of updates they are waiting to hear from you. New content that can range from a new event happing soon, to an act now deals for your members only.

As you can see the infographic validates the known fact that Facebook and Twitter are not good mediums for sales (not counting Facebook ads, which can be pretty useful), what they are perfect for, is content distribution and referral traffic. Facebook and Twitter contribute to the top part of your funnel where you try to reach out to new people and seek to make them part of your audience to later be converted into a lead with targeted content and prominent calls to action.

The infographic also mentions SMS and Mobile apps. I know that SMS works better in some countries than others, it is all about people expectations. Some might find texts too intrusive but on the other hand, if they signed up for the alerts why not? Texting is teens and pre-teens preferred method for communicating.

While advertising on mobile apps has had mixed results, some companies are doing smart things by integrating their message and call to actions within the app interface. If you do online banking through a mobile app, I’m sure you have seen new offers or deals from your bank that look like alerts rather than ads.

Review the full infographic; it has enough current data that will help you with your marketing strategy.

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