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7 Apr 2014

The State of Mobile Content Marketing - infographic

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Mobile devices usage is significant and keeps growing. Having a mobile version of your website is now essential for any business, big or small. We have experienced the swift shift to mobile in the past couple of years, not only are more people visiting your website on mobile devices, more people are opening your monthly/weekly email newsletters on mobile devices as well. This point is understandable since checking emails seem more natural when doing it on one's smartphone. A great deal of mobile traffic appears to be coming as a result of people clicking on links from social sharing. Facebook and all the other main networks are now accessed via a mobile device rather than a desktop computer, therefore, when pages of your website or blog get shared, most likely a new visitor will tap on that link from their smartphone.

I came across this excellent and still relevant infographic sponsored by, and

It shows that by 2016 80% of the US population will use smartphones, and 50% will own a tablet. Although more users are checking emails with their phones, the open and click-through rates are still higher on the desktop. Perhaps it is time subject lines were optimised to take advantage of the growth of mobile.

Email on mobile also seems more useful for lead or conversion generation than Social and Search. Like I mentioned above, excellent statistical information in this infographic.

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