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3 Mar 2014

Teradata debunks 5 myths about Big Data - infographic

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Big Data is a buzzword used everywhere. Everything we do online gets tracked, and this data is processed and used by marketers to determine patterns and projections, and use the knowledge gained for better decision making. I explain big data more I depth in my post last week about Business Intelligence(Big Data and Business Intelligence - Interview).

Still there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of Big Data. As more businesses are taking advantage from the knowledge provided by big data some clarity is starting to come out. Below is a great infographic by Teradata debunking five myths about Big Data:

1_ It’s just for IT
45% of big data deployments are for marketing

2_ It’s just hype; why invest in a passing fad
In the next two years, 73% of marketers plan to have a big data analytics solution implemented

3_ Big data is unstructured, so it’s too hard to use
Data Driven Marketing provides a framework to take insights from many data inputs and apply them to present, relevant and timely messages to customers consistently

4_ I control my data
Just 50% of marketers manage their data. Letting someone else start the conversation means you play by their SLA’s… will that work for your business?

5_ Big data will answer all my problems
42% of marketers struggle to leverage insights in campaigns due to lack of process

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