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11 Nov 2013

Are you blogging? You should be.

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Data shows that websites with blogs generate 55% more web traffic than sites without. When you blog regularly, you create more content and more links, which ultimately enables you to build your reputation and increase brand recognition as well as produce better search results and ultimately more traffic to your website.

Blogging and Social Sharing
Each time you create a blog post, you create another opportunity to share your content with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (add ones you like). Each share means links back to your website. This growth in inbound links is something that search engines interpret as credibility and ultimately helps with your search results ranking.

Building reputation and brand
Chances are you are an expert in what you do, so why not talk about what you already know and love? It is the engaging content - the story about the small farm where you source the meat for your restaurant or the expert advice you share about how to get a new job, or even the story that inspired you to start your business - that people will read and share. It is these stories and shares that over time help you build up your unique brand and your reputation.

Building your client base
Blogging enables you to explain how your business or product works in more detail or how it relates to a specific client need - in some cases allowing business owners to discover new uses for their products. Like the natural soap maker whose customer found the product cleared up her eczema.

Starting the conversation
Blogs at their best generate discussion. And as the business owner and the blogger you can guide the direction of the conversation by stating the communication and using a blog entry to clarify misinformation. If you blog, please enable comments and be sure to respond to those who take the time to reach out to you in the form of a comment.

Starting a blog can be daunting. Finding what to write about is the first challenge. Try and focus on what you are passionate about as that will show through and help build your reputation. Hopefully, your passion also aligns with your business and your audience.

Update (Nov 26 2015):
Marco Mijatovic from reached out to me regarding this post. He asked me to check out his website, the "How to Start a Blog" guide in particular. I went through it, and I found it very comprehensive with good tips and information for the first time blogger. Link to the guide on the list below.

Here are some great inspirational sources for getting started with a blog:

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