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3 Nov 2013

A blueprint for the perfect blog post [infographic]

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Do you want your website visitors to keep coming back? Fresh new content is the best way to have repeat visitors, and a blog is the best tool to create regular fresh content regularly. Stay on topic, make it relevant to your audience and your business will gain credibility. Solve a problem for your visitor, and you will get loyalty. It is a winning formula and for maximum effectiveness make sure it is search engine optimised, and it is shareable to multiple social media channels.

Below is an excellent infographic from; it depicts the anatomy of a perfect blog post in a way that is easy to follow and emulate. Don't think you are wasting your time if you don't do everything to the letter. Look at this as a guide and do what is possible for you.

Post Title:
It should be creative and contain your primary keywords.
Tip: Keep it under 15 words.

Opening Paragraph:
It should clearly lay out the objectives of your post.
Tip: include your primary keywords and variations in the 1st and 2nd sentences.

Body Copy:
Emphasis should be on clearly stating your case.
Tip: Naturally use your primary keyword and variations throughout.

Conclusion Copy:
Emphasis on lessons learned and actionable insights.
Tip: Ask your readers to share their thoughts on the topic.

Social Share Buttons:
It's important to make it easy to share your post.
Tip: focus on the most popular share icons.

When possible include a picture in the upper left-hand corner.
Tip: always include a caption that includes your relevant keywords.

When possible include a list to strengthen your message.
Tip: use a <h2> tag and bold the title of your list.

Comment Section:
It is essential to make it easy for readers to comment.
Tip: Help keep the conversation going by responding to all comments.

Related Pots:
Help keep readers on your blog by highlighting additional; articles they might enjoy.
Tip: Focus on featuring the five most popular posts that have a similar theme.

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