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3 Oct 2013

Facebook an advertising giant

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I was reviewing old posts I made, and I came across this one: "Awesome Facebook Stats" (published in 2011) a great Slideshare by HubSpot with excellent data. It is from 2011, and I thought there might be something more up to date. I found the SlideShare below, Facebook, the Growth of an Advertising Giant.

Facebook has established itself as an excellent advertising platform with access to great demographic data. At the start,  Facebook sought to advertise as a means to fund the Social Network. As you will see in the presentation, in the beginning, their ad revenue was very traditional, nothing like the demographic targeting machine it is now. Facebook has a lot of information about us (the users), and they put it to work serving ads that might interest us. They are also the first to strike a proper balance with unobtrusive advertising for mobile. 

Facebook's new addition in ads will be video. There is a lot of talks that this will turn off users who will choose to logout. I'm not so sure this will be the case, so far Facebook has managed to increase their ad revenue throughout their history, and they are well aware that their massive user base is where their value is. Therefore, I expect video ads like we never seen before and that we will be able to live within our news feed.

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