21 Oct 2013

Landing pages - the key for increasing conversions

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YWD Landing Page Diagram

Like most businesses, when you advertise your products or services, whether the ad is online or in print, chances are your company's website address will be included in the ad. While the contents of the site could be great and work fine, to get the most out of your advertising traffic, you should create a landing page specific to each ad. A landing page you can focus the message and convince the visitor to take action on the offering from your ad without all the distractions that your entire website offers. Effective landing pages help increase conversions.

Effective Landing Pages

Ad copy should match landing page copy
On-line advertising campaigns are usually made up of multiple ads (so that you can test and then optimize for whichever is most efficient). Each ad should direct to a landing page with copy that reflects the copy of each ad. The more pages you have for each campaign, the easier it gets to track which group of ads performs better than the others.

Avoid distractions
Landing pages should create without your website's main navigation. The content included on your landing page such as video, detailed information and images should be part of it only if they are essential to reinforcing the single call to action.

Clear call to action
Your landing pages should have a single, clear call to action. In the example here,  the goal is for the visitor to fill in the form and request more information. It is why the form is high up and on the right side of the content, so the visitor gets to see it a soon as they land on the page.

User-Friendly forms
Make sure your users know what they get in return when they share their contact information with you. Instead of using the default "Submit" on the submit button use a clear call to action. What you are asking the visitor to do.

Don’t worry too much about the number of fields as long as they are relevant for you to generate a qualified lead.

Easy to share
Another important element on a landing page are the social media sharing buttons; you want the people to share it with their friends in their networks. Since you don't know on what device the person is using; make sure it displays well on mobile. You might need to shorten your content for the mobile version since it needs to function on a small screen.

SEO optimized
Make sure it is search engine optimized; the more people find it, the better.

Landing pages work great with online ads. They are also great for any other type of promotion or advertisement where you have a focused call to action.

Have more questions about our landing pages? Please leave me a comment.

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